Peterson Homebuilders, Inc. Building Green

At Peterson Homebuilders we strive to build all of our homes with high quality energy standards. We use the most advanced technology in the industry to assure top energy efficiency as well as the best environmentally friendly methods of construction and design.

What is Green Building?

Building Green means that we use a specific set of standards while evaluating each project to work with our client’s needs and the needs of the environment.

We all must do our part to better our planet. We evaluate how projects can be improved using environmentally friendly materials. We are continually educated in the latest methods, materials and techniques of green building, placing an emphasis on energy and water efficiency, use of resources, and innovative design.

What are the Standards of Green Building?

Green design includes:

  • high quality construction using the best building materials and engineering
  • minimizing waste
  • improving the energy performance of your home.

This means lower electric bills for you.

What does Green Building Include?

Quality construction using the best building materials and engineering includes:

  • R 38 Insulation in Ceilings
  • R- 19 Insulation in Walls
  • Low E Dual Pane Vinyl Windows
  • Pressure Balance Valves
  • Radiant Barrier Roof Sheathing
  • Split Systems
  • Programmable Digital Thermostat